About Us


Tracie Randolph, The Reset Coach is a certified health coach, certified life coach, personal trainer, bestselling global author, speaker, survivor and mom. Her passion for health, nutrition, fitness, and overall holistic wellness was born from her own struggles with breast cancer. She perceives having cancer as one of the most amazing events that happened in her life; leading her to a life of purpose to point others towards optimal health. Tracie is also pursuing her life’s passion by aligning with organizations that are focused on enhancing and enriching lives. Tracie is a member of Women Empowered International and serves on their planning committee, a Marketing Director and Global Ambassador with vPhase Body Cleanse, CEO of The Whole Living Channel with Exposure OnDemand TV and a World Civility Expert, World Civility Presidential Club with IChange Nations.

Being a Mom

Being the mom of a smart, inquisitive, and loving son, is a major part of her life’s joy. Because of him Tracie approaches her clients with curiosity and care in a Reset frame of mind.

Modern Gym & Fitness Facilities

Her program, “The Total Body Reset” a Whole Living model was born out of her desire to effect sustainable lifestyle changes that promotes a healthy mind, body, and spirit

Why Choose Me?

I help women reset their mindsets to reset their bodies, get fit, feel sexy, and love the woman in the mirror
Gym 95%
Yoga 90%
Body Building 95%
Swimming 80%